Master Degree

Courses of study
Ÿ      History of Islam (ancient and modern).
Ÿ      Arabic literature (classic and modern).
Ÿ      Linguistics.
Ÿ      Arab-Jewish language and literature.
Ÿ      Islamic culture.
Additional preliminary requirements
Ÿ          Bachelor's degree in Arabic as a major or expanded subject, at an average of at least 80%.
Ÿ          To be accepted to Track 1, applicants must have an average of 80% or above in their Bachelor's degree seminar papers.
Ÿ          Applicants that have earned a Bachelor's degree with Arabic as a minor subject, or graduates of other institutions that have been accepted may be required to complete complementary studies based on their prior studies, as determined by the department and the Master's Degree Committee.
Master's Degree Study Tracks
Track 1 – with thesis
14 annual hours from the Department of Arabic's Master's degree studies, including 2 seminar papers (one within the framework of the specialization), and also participation in the departmental research seminar in each of the years of study toward the degree.
The head of the department has the authority to convert 4 annual hours with courses from other departments, in accordance with the need and the specialization track.
Foreign language requirements:
Ÿ          English for Master's degree, or another modern language that was not studied within the framework of the Bachelor's degree requirements, as determined by the head of the department in accordance with the needs of the research.
Ÿ          In certain cases, the supervisor (in coordination with the head of the department) may require students to study an additional foreign language that is required for the execution of the research.
Track 2 – without thesis
Students wishing to study for a Master's degree without a research thesis, or those that the department will request to transfer from Track 1 to Track 2 (without a thesis) will study courses at a scope of 22 annual hours, including writing 3 seminar papers.
The will also be required to participate in the departmental research seminar in each of the years of study toward the degree.