Bachelor Degree

Additional admission requirements
Knowledge of the Arabic language at a minimal scope of 4 study units in Israeli matriculation exams.
Applicants who took the Israeli matriculation exam at a level of 4 study units and received a grade of 80, or who took the exam at a level of 5 study units and received a grade of 70 are exempt from taking the Department's entrance exam.
Students who did not study Arabic at the above matriculation exam level, or whose knowledge in Arabic is limited and did not succeed in the entrance exam, may be accepted to the Department after successfully completing the preparatory program ("Mechina") in Arabic for advanced students.
Students who do not have an Israeli matriculation certificate are required to study one course in Hebrew Language (with the exception of Expression) and one course in Literature of the Jewish People. Graduates of high schools in which studies are conducted in Arabic are required to take at least one course in Hebrew Expression in the first year of their studies.
Continuing to the second year of studies is conditional on successful completion of this course.
Study programs
Subjects studied:
Arabic for beginners and advanced students; bibliographical introduction to Arabic studies; introduction to the religion of Islam; grammar and syntax; classical prose; classical poetry; modern prose; modern poetry; Koran and its interpretation; religious thought; chapters in the theory of the Arabic language and in its history; chapters from the Arabic-Jewish literature; written and oral expression; issues pertaining to society, regime and communications in the Arab world.
Expanded track
Requirements: 46 annual hours, writing two pro-seminars and three seminar papers and a number of proficiency courses depending on each student's knowledge of the Arabic language.
Structured double major track
Requirements: 27 annual hours, in combination with the following departments: Biblical studies, Hebrew Language, General History, History of the Middle East, Philosophy, Land of Israel Studies and Literature of the Jewish People. The Department particularly recommends the structured double major track in the Departments of Arabic and of History of the Middle East.
Unstructured double major track
Requirements: 29 annual hours, in combination with another department at the University, which has no academic affinity with the Department of Arabic.
Direct track to a Master's degree
Students who completed their first year of BA studies in the expanded track only, with a grade average of 85 or above, may join the direct track for a Master's degree, which will allow them to earn both BA and MA degrees in four years of study.
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