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    1. Lavie, L. (2018). The Battle over a Civil State: Egypt's Road to June 30, 2013. SUNY Press.

    Peer-reviewed articles

    1. a) Lavie, L. (2009/2010). The Establishment of the Arab Common Market and Its Failure, 1951-1971: The Political Dimension and the Israeli Connection. The McGill Journal of Middle East Studies, 11, 9-43.

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           6. Lavie, L., & Shalaby, A. (2021). The Civil State vs. the Secular State in Arab Discourse:                     Egypt as a Case Study. Strategic Assessment. vol. 24, no. 1 [paper invited by The Institute                 for National Security Studies (INSS), written in cooperation with the Egyptian sociologist                     Abdallah Shalaby of Ayn Shams University in Cairo]  

           7. Lavie, L. (2021). The Constitutionalization of the Civil State: Self-definition in Egypt, Tunisia               and Yemen following the Arab Uprisings. Religions. vol. 2, Special Issue on Islamic                             Constitutions: Managing Religion and Politics edited by Rachel M. Scott, pp. 269-287.

           8. Yefet, B. & Lavie, L. (2021). Legitimation in Post-Revolutionary Egypt: Al-Sisi and                                the Renewal of Authoritarianism. Digest of Middle East Studies, pp. 1-16.

           9. Lavie, L. & Yefet, B. (2022). The Relationship between the State and the New Media in                       Egypt: A Dynamic of Openness, Adaptation, and Narrowing. Contemporary Review of the                   Middle East, pp. 1-20.

    Chapters in edited volumes

    1. Podeh, E., & Lavie, L. (2017). Egypt after the Arab Spring – Is It Really a Revolution? In E. Podeh & O. Winckler (Eds.), The Third Wave Protest and Revolution in the Middle East (pp. 79-105). Carmel. ]Hebrew]
    2. Yefet, B., & Lavie, L. (2021). New Authoritarianism in Egypt: Stability and Fragility under Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi. In: E. Podeh and O. Winkler (eds.), Between Stability and Revolution: A Decade to the Arab Spring (Jerusalem: Carmel, 2021). [Hebrew]
    3. Lavie, L. (forthcoming). Vertical vs. Horizontal: Egypt’s State-Religion Discourse before the Arab Spring—and After. In U. Rabi & M. Tzoreff (Eds.) From Thawrat 1919 to the Arab Spring: A Century of Egyptian History Reconsidered.

    Book Reviews

    1. Lavie, L. (2020). The Failure of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab World, by N. Obaid. The Journal for Interdisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 189-192.
    2. Lavie, L. (2021). Book Review: Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood: Self, Society, and the State, by M. Menshawy. The Journal for Interdisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies, (forthcoming).

    Other selected publications

    1. Limor Lavie, "Egypt between Revolts," in Liat Kozma (ed.), History of Islam and Middle Eastern Countries in Modern Times (Kadima: Reches Educational Projects, 2017), pp. 87-109 [Hebrew].
    2. Limor Lavie, “Bad Karma: Censorship versus freedom of expression in Egypt in the age of social media,” BeeHive, vol. 6, no. 6 (2018).
    3. Limor Lavie, “MeToo: The Egyptian Version,” BeeHive, vol. 6, no. 8 (2018). [Hebrew] https://dayan.org/he/content/5161
    4. Limor Lavie, “Expected constitutional amendments in Egypt: the end of the revolution or the beginning of the end of al-Sisi's rule?” Tsomet HaMizrah HaTichon, March 7, 2019 [Hebrew]   https://dayan.org/he/content/5273
    5. Limor Lavie, "Stand-Up Comedy in the Arab World," BeeHive, vol. 7, no. 7 (2019). [Hebrew] https://dayan.org/he/content/5378
    6. Limor Lavie, "Tweeting Antisemitism in Arabic," BeeHive, vol. 7, no. 2 (2019). [Hebrew] https://dayan.org/he/content/5276
    7. Limor Lavie, "Family Law in Egypt and Iraq: Social Media Campaigns against Limiting Women’s Rights to Guardianship and Custody of their Children," Beehive, 29 September 2021 https://dayan.org/content/family-law-egypt-and-iraq-social-media-campaigns-against-limiting-womens-rights
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    4. Elie Podeh & Limor Lavie, “On the way to normalization, stopping the Muslim Brotherhood,” December 30, 2020 https://news.walla.co.il/item/3407523
    5. ראיון לסמדר פרי בתכנית רצועת הביטחון בגלי צה"ל, 4 באוגוסט 2019

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